The top three reasons you should choose white fillings over amalgam

White fillings are an attractive and effective alternative to traditional amalgam fillings

Dental fillings are required to restore teeth that have suffered damage from oral concerns such as dental decay or extensive trauma. Traditionally, a dark grey coloured material called amalgam was used by dentists to restore smiles, but at Bulimba Dental we are proud to offer our patients a modern tooth coloured alternative that is far more beneficial for our patient’s smiles.

What are white fillings?

Regularly referred to as composite resin fillings or tooth coloured fillings, the white fillings we offer at Bulimba Dental are a mixture of acrylic resin, fine glass and silicon particles. This material is colour matched and sculpted to blend seamlessly with your natural tooth enamel.

How does this compare with amalgam fillings?

In contrast, amalgam fillings are comprised of a mixture of silver, tin, zinc, copper and mercury. This highly durable material is packed into the void caused by dental decay and unfortunately due to the dark grey colour of the material it is highly visible against the shade and texture of your natural tooth enamel.

The top three reasons why white fillings are a far superior alternative to amalgam fillings include:

  1. White fillings do not require extensive removal of your natural tooth. In comparison to amalgam fillings that required a significant portion of your tooth to be drilled, white fillings typically require just the affected material to be removed in order to restore the tooth. This approach helps to retain as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.
  2. Amalgam fillings expand and contract in response to temperature changes within the mouth, a process which can contribute to cracked teeth. In these circumstances teeth would typically have to be restored with a dental crown, and in extreme cases where teeth had cracked below the gum line a patient would then be facing the possibility of extraction. In comparison, white fillings do not expand and contract in response to temperature changes and as such place restored teeth at a comparatively decreased risk of cracking.
  3. Once the restoration is completed, white fillings form a complete seal against the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. In stark comparison, amalgam fillings are simply packed into the void created by decay and do not form a complete seal. Due to this, there is a risk that tooth decay can continue to develop underneath the fillings.

What happens if I simply ignore cavities or dental decay?

If you choose to ignore oral concerns like dental decay, chances are they will continue to cause deterioration of your oral health. Left unchecked, dental decay can lead to the need for more aggressive and expensive restorative treatments such as:

  • Crown restorations
  • Root canal therapy
  • Tooth extraction

How can I prevent the development of dental decay in the future?

A healthy at home oral maintenance routine in conjunction with regular general dental check-ups at our dental practice located in Bulimba is a great approach to help prevent the development of future dental decay. Diet and lifestyle habits also play a role in your overall oral health, and as such our team recommends our patients:

  • Eat a healthy diet full of vegetables and fruits
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption
  • Reduce or eliminate the consumption of sugar laden drinks such as soft drinks, juices, sports drinks and energy drinks.
  • Reduce or eliminate the consumption of cigarettes and tobacco products.

Other factors can contribute to the need for white fillings, such as bruxism and grinding, and as such it is important to seek treatment for these conditions as soon as possible to protect your oral health.

To find out more about the tooth coloured fillings we offer at Bulimba Dental, or to arrange an appointment, please contact us.

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