Root canals aren’t as bad as their reputation

You don’t need to put up with the pain—root canals are as routine as a filling

If it hurts when you chew, if you notice bleeding when you brush, if a tooth is feeling a little fragile, you should visit your dentist.

But that is easy to say—visit your dentist.

The thing most people say is, “it’s fine, it’s just painful on that side of my mouth.” But after a while, the tooth gets worse, the bleeding is more noticeable; not only that but your gum bleeds not just when you brush but when you’re eating.

In the busy day-to-day grind it is easy to let your health fall to the wayside

Getting to work takes time. Getting ready takes time. Eating takes time. Ordering your coffee takes time. More often than not you’re sitting in your car, on the bus or on the train flicking through your phone looking at news or some social media platform sipping coffee and thinking about what you’ve got to do at work today: or where you want to be on the weekend.

One thing that often gets forgotten is brushing your teeth and flossing—but luckily there’s sugar-free chewing gum, right?

Not really. It is useful but it can’t be compared to brushing and flossing.

But really, sleeping for ten more minutes or brushing your teeth? Most people are going to choose the former.

In all that—how does one find time?

Well, at Bulimba Dental we are open late Monday to Thursday.

Your dental health is important—who wants to stand in front of a room of their peers in a nice suit, watch and great pair of shoes only for people to notice how bad their teeth look?

No one.

And it’s surprising how much stock people put in the appearance of your teeth.

What do you do if you notice sensitivity, bleeding gums and difficulty chewing?

Book an appointment at Bulimba Dental—our flexible office hours mean that we can cater to the busy professional who works 9-5 Monday to Friday.

If you are presenting those symptoms our compassionate, friendly team can help you restore your dental health. Root canal therapy doesn’t deserve its bad reputation. With modern dentistry techniques root canal therapy is no more painful than a filling.

The benefit of root canal therapy is that it can save your tooth from needing to be extracted. The advantage of the treatment is that it’ll stop the pain, the bleeding (unless that’s caused by gum disease and then that’s another story), and help to restore your oral health.

The thing to realise about root canal therapy is that it can be avoided with regular check-ups. The need for a root canal therapy arises when decay has travelled down to the root of the tooth. This can be avoided with a general check-up and a filling.

Treatment involves the decay being removed and a filling placed, which protects the root of the tooth. If however, this does not happen then you will want to undergo root canal therapy.

Simply because it’s better the save your natural tooth than it is to extract it. A natural tooth is better for your oral health and while dental implants are a good restorative treatment, it is better to avoid extraction.

If you would like to know more about root canal therapy and how the team at Bulimba Dental can help you, or to book an appointment, contact us today.

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