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We brush and floss twice a day, but when is really a good time to do it, and how long for?

When you think about it, brushing your teeth after breakfast in the morning seems like the right thing to do because you’ve just eaten and your teeth are dirty… However, in most cases you will consume foods that contain acidic content which tends to soften enamel. When you go to brush directly after a meal you may be doing more harm than good.

If you feel that you should brush your teeth after eating or drinking, it is highly recommended to wait around 30 minutes. In this time, your tooth enamel will harden, your saliva levels will boost and this will give your teeth the protection needed for brushing without causing further damage.

How long are you supposed to brush your teeth?
2-3 minutes is all the time you need to make sure you clean your teeth properly. Many people brush for 1 minute which is not enough time to clean your teeth properly. If you brush quickly you run the risk of missing bacteria in your mouth which can regroup after brushing.

Try to brush teeth 30 minutes after consuming the following:

Citrus Fruits/Juices

(Oranges and Grapefruit)

These foods are great for your health but not so much for your teeth. The highly acidic content erodes tooth enamel over time.
Hard Candy


Dissolves slowly which can give bacteria time to produce harmful acid in your mouth, thus causing enamel to soften.
Soft drinks

(including diet)

All soft drinks are bad for your teeth due to the mixture of sugars, citric and phosphoric acid. When consumed in large doses it will erode your teeth – and quickly too.
Pickled produce


The vinegar used in the pickling process is the main culprit of damaging the teeth. As pickles are more of a snack; they won’t cause too much trouble to your teeth.
Crackers Most crackers contain refined carbohydrates which are converted to a sugar substance in your mouth. They can also get stuck on teeth once chewed which can give bacteria a chance to multiply.
Tea and coffee Have tooth staining abilities, can also increase tartar build up on teeth.

(Red or white)

Both contain a large amount of erosive acids which can damage the teeth.

Remember: always wait at least 30 minutes before brushing!


Foods that can assist in keeping teeth clean and healthy:

Sugar free chewing gum Chewing between meals can really assist your teeth by removing bacteria and stimulating saliva development in your mouth.
Water Water, being the most important life source is always going to do you good. Water washes away bacteria in a similar way to saliva.
Dairy Dairy contains calcium which is beneficial to your teeth and bones, and it can also strengthen tooth enamel. Be wary of sugar content in milk.
Spinach/beans Some say that eating these foods can be compared to putting your teeth through a car wash; it generates the saliva in your mouth and can literally scrub your teeth!



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