What to expect when you have your wisdom teeth pulled

Bulimba Dental explains when and why wisdom teeth should be removed, and also explains the procedure and post-operative information for your extraction.

For those young ones moving into adulthood, wisdom teeth have likely become a painfully real problem.

Here at Bulimba Dental, we offer wisdom tooth extraction to help ease the painful symptoms and offer a solution to any future problems your wisdom teeth may cause.

The following article covers a handful of our frequently asked questions about the best time to have them removed, why you may need them removed and also what to expect during and after your treatment.

What is the best age to have them removed?

Really the best time to get your wisdom checked out is around the age of 15. Although you may not be able to feel them yet, the best time to have them assessed by the dentist is during the development stage.

Here at Bulimba Dental, we have digital x-ray technology that can reveal to us almost instantaneously if your wisdom teeth have developed. We also have an intra-oral camera to offer a more accurate image of your oral conditions for teeth that may have become impacted or only partially erupted.

The best age to have your wisdom teeth removed is highly dependent on the progress of the development and movement of the tooth so an initial check-up would be the best way to assess this.

Why would I need them to be removed?

In some cases the wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed. But even in these circumstances, if you have a history of neglecting your oral hygiene, you may find removing your wisdom teeth is a better solution. This is because it can be hard to reach and if it becomes decayed, it may cause far worse problems down the track. Most commonly though, wisdom teeth need to be removed because they become impacted or only partially erupt.

  • What is an impacted tooth?

An impacted tooth is where a tooth has developed in a manner that it is pushing against a neighbouring tooth, bone, or soft tissue.

This stops the tooth from fully erupting through the gums and can cause a great manner of bad conditions for your oral health. In some cases the tooth may only partially erupt – which can also lead to gum inflammation and infection.

To find out more about why you would need your wisdom teeth removed, book a consultation with our helpful team at Bulimba Dental and we will make sure we provide you with all the information you need.

What to expect during your extraction appointment

To help you feel more at ease, we will do our best to explain how your wisdom tooth removal procedure would likely carry out.

Bear in mind that before we start your extraction, to ensure you’re comfortable during the procedure your dentist will administer the appropriate sedation. Local anaesthetic is usually enough for this procedure.

Your extraction in a 5 step method:

  1. First we will make a slight incision in the gum so the tooth is visible
  2. Carefully we will work to expose the root of the tooth
  3. The tooth will then be extracted
  4. The incision will be cleaned
  5. The area will be sealed, usually with dissolvable stiches

Once we are happy with the result of the procedure we will ensure you have all the guidance you need to move toward a speedy recovery.

What to expect after you have your wisdom teeth removed

It’s likely you will recover in only a few days and our team will ensure you have the best recovery medicine required to ease any discomfort.

You will likely experience some bleeding but the numbing agent prescribed will ease the feeling of pain from the process. Take some time to kick back and relax – your wisdom tooth removal is a great excuse to get time off work so do your best to catch up on some sleep and avoid physical activity.

Be careful not to bite on the inside of your mouth and eat soft food like jelly and soup. Also don’t prod or poke at it with your tongue and fingers – we know you’re curious but it’s a tender place and you’ll only slow the healing process.

Want more information?

Here at Bulimba Dental, we want to ensure our patients feel as comfortable as possible during their visits with us.

To find out more about your wisdom teeth, book a consultation with our helpful team on (07) 3399 2388 today.


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