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Back to school dental tips: what you need to know

Back to school dental tips from Bulimba Dental

Give your kids the head start they need with Bulimba Dental’s back to school dental tips By taking care of your child’s teeth as soon as they erupt you are giving your child the best chance of having good dental health in their adult life. Did you know that decay,…

Are you unknowingly suffering from bruxism?

Bulimba Bruxism

Bruxism, a common yet possibly harmful habit is the dental term for clenching or grinding your teeth. This can happen when you are both awake and asleep, meaning a lot of people don’t know how much damage they are causing to their teeth. Bruxism becomes a problem when the habit…

Easter may be over but our Easter offers are still running


Don't miss your chance to claim our Eggcellent Easter Offers Easter may have come and gone but it's not too late to get your hands on our Easter specials. At Bulimba Dental, we like to show our patients how much we value them and their dental health. This year, we…

7 scary things caused by bad oral hygiene


Did you know that what takes place in your mouth can cause serious underlying illnesses? Our mouths are the door to our bodies and this means it’s important to take good care of our teeth and gums. While cavities are the most common effect of poor oral health, more serious…

It’s about time!


We brush and floss twice a day, but when is really a good time to do it, and how long for? When you think about it, brushing your teeth after breakfast in the morning seems like the right thing to do because you’ve just eaten and your teeth are dirty……

Your child’s first visit to the dentist


Developing active maintenance routines and familiarising your child with regular visits to the dentist is extremely important for their oral health in the future When should I take my child to the dentist for the first time? Despite some variation between dental authorities it is generally recommended that your child…

What Your Child’s Oral Health Says About You

When do babies start teething? Dentist Brisbane

Statistics released in the last 5 years have shown an increase in the number of kids with decaying baby teeth. According to the Queensland Child Oral Health Survey 2010-2012, almost one in every three children (30%) aged 5–10 years old at the time of the survey had at least one…

$219 Take Home Teeth Whitening Brisbane with your check-up!

Bulimba Dental Brisbane Cosmetic Dentist | Teeth Whitening Brisbane

Come in for a Check-Up & Receive a Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit For Only $219* The kit includes custom made trays and two syringes of whitening gel for results that will keep you smiling. This special will be available for a limited time and is only available when you…

Bruxism Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

bruxism treatment brisbane

Find out about the bruxism causes, bruxism symptoms, bruxism treatment and more with Bulimba Dental in Brisbane. Bruxism is a condition where a person suffers from grinding, clenching and gnashing their teeth.  Bruxism can affect you during the day but most often patients who have bruxism do it during their…

How healthy are your gums?


Gum disease is a wide-spread disease that causes a host of associated dental complications and health issues. If left untreated in its early stages, gum disease will progress until the bones, gums and tissues that support the teeth are destroyed, and the teeth become loose. At this stage, the teeth…

Keeping your child’s smile, body and mind healthy


Setting and maintaining healthy hygiene habits for your child is vitally important for a long lasting healthy smile. The state of your child’s teeth and gums also has a big impact on their overall health and well-being. Bring your child to see us at Bulimba Dental, in Brisbane, for an…

Eating right for your body and teeth in 2015


What are your New Year's resolutions for this year? Ranked number 5 for 2014 by a university study in the US, “staying fit and healthy” is projected to remain around the top contenders as 1st world nations continue to gravitate towards better fitness and health practices. This month’s article from…

Dr Eric Sham has completed a postgraduate course in dental implants!

dental implants Bulimba Brisnbane

Book a consultation at Bulimba with Dr Eric Sham and restore your smile for the competitive price of $4250* at Bulimba Dental in Brisbane. Book in for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and suitability. Meet Dr Eric Sham As a graduate of the University of Queensland…

Looking for a Zoom Teeth Whitening Dentist in Brisbane?


For a bright, white smile in Brisbane that only takes 1 hour, we offer Zoom teeth whitening treatments here at Bulimba Dental! Choosing the right teeth whitening treatment for your smile doesn’t have to be a difficult task. As one of the most trusted teeth whitening treatments available, Zoom teeth…

Infographic: What’s the difference between dental crowns and onlays?

As we discussed in our last article “Bulimba Dental: Restoring balance to your smile, one treatment at time”, when it comes to your teeth, it may only take one hard bump to cause major damage to your smile.

When teeth become decayed, your dentist will usually tell you that you need a filling. Left for too long however, the need for restorative treatments such as dental crowns, inlays, onlays or even a dental implant may be necessary to complete your smile. It’s a similar story when it comes…

Bulimba Dental: Restoring balance to your smile, one treatment at time

Does your smile have cracks, gaps, discolouration or trauma damage? Find out how Bulimba Dental can fix your teeth with real results on our latest article.

When it comes to your teeth, it may only take one accidental fall to cause major damage to your smile. Thanks to modern dentistry, we have a plethora of cosmetic treatments that are able to virtually restore your smile to its full potential. So how can cosmetic dentistry fix my…

What to expect when you have your wisdom teeth pulled

Bulimba Dental explains when and why wisdom teeth should be removed, and also explains the procedure and post-operative information for your extraction.

For those young ones moving into adulthood, wisdom teeth have likely become a painfully real problem. Here at Bulimba Dental, we offer wisdom tooth extraction to help ease the painful symptoms and offer a solution to any future problems your wisdom teeth may cause. The following article covers a handful…

Why you should go to the dentist


Patients often ask why we suggest regular check-ups every six months, so we feel it is about time we give you all the facts in just one simple article. Going to the dentist is such an important element to maintaining not only your oral health but also your physical health.…

Straight teeth – the young professional’s best chance!

Find out how to boost your professional profile with adult friendly braces and orthodontic treatments available at Bulimba Dental in Brisbane.

Getting orthodontic treatment doesn’t just have to be for kids – Bulimba Dental in Brisbane offers a range of different orthodontic treatments to help our patients achieve the straight and aesthetically pleasing smile they desire. You are never too old for the perfect smile! Less intrusive treatment methods offer alternatives…

What’s better: Dentures or dental implants?


Wondering which is better for your oral health? We’ve got the answer The short answer is it depends on you: for a single tooth, implant dentistry can be better. For multiple teeth implant-supported dentures may be better. The longer answer is: Are you missing one or more teeth? Are you…

The top three reasons you should choose white fillings over amalgam

Banner Image

White fillings are an attractive and effective alternative to traditional amalgam fillings Dental fillings are required to restore teeth that have suffered damage from oral concerns such as dental decay or extensive trauma. Traditionally, a dark grey coloured material called amalgam was used by dentists to restore smiles, but at…

Root canals aren’t as bad as their reputation

Root canal therapy

You don’t need to put up with the pain—root canals are as routine as a filling If it hurts when you chew, if you notice bleeding when you brush, if a tooth is feeling a little fragile, you should visit your dentist. But that is easy to say—visit your dentist.…

Don’t let a missing tooth bring you down


There are three main reasons why people lose a tooth: Accident Injury Neglect The third reason is the most prevalent. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The disconcerting thing about this statistic is that gum disease is easily preventable.  A regular oral hygiene routine (brushing…

Making family dentistry easier


You can start looking after your child’s oral health even before their teeth start to come through At Bulimba Dental we work with many young families. One of the main things we are asked is when is the best time to start brushing for a child? The answer is easy:…

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