Don’t let a missing tooth bring you down

There are three main reasons why people lose a tooth:

  1. Accident
  2. Injury
  3. Neglect

The third reason is the most prevalent.

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The disconcerting thing about this statistic is that gum disease is easily preventable.  A regular oral hygiene routine (brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day), visiting the dentist every six months and not consuming food and drink that is high in sugar can help to prevent gum disease.

Other risk factors for tooth loss include:

  • Having diabetes
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Being older than 35
  • Being male

One of the theories behind why men are more predisposed to gum disease—and keep in mind this is only a theory—is to do with the protective effect of female hormones.

Men are more likely to avoid the dentist

According to a recent study, more than half of all male patients will avoid going to the dentist: this is compared to about 11% of women who avoid the dentist. This was attributed to either bad past experience or hearing friends and family recount bad dental experiences.

Entrust your dental health to our family-friendly, compassionate team

At Bulimba Dental we are a family friendly dental practice who uses the latest in dental technology to provide our patients with easy and comfortable treatment. Now treatments like root canal therapy are no more painful than a simple white filling.

We offer treatment for gum disease and strongly advise you visit our warm and inviting practice for six monthly visits. At these visits we will assess your oral health and provide a deep scale and clean. A scale and clean removes plaque from your teeth that brushing and flossing cannot reach.

What to do if you’ve lost a tooth

Replace it.

The most effective, whole-tooth replacement is implant dentistry. This is a treatment that involves replacing the tooth root with a dental implant—a titanium post—and an implant crown to replace the visible part of your tooth. Here at Bulimba Dental we offer a full service implant treatment. Dr Eric Sham offers an implant and crown service for a single tooth for $4000 excluding bone grafting if required. The full procedure can be completed in practice making the process of caring for and replacing your teeth easier.

According the World Health Organisation (WHO) dental diseases can cause a social handicap through tooth loss

If you’re in business you know the importance of a good suit, the right shoes and the right tie. There’s also personal hygiene—neat hair and nails, clean skin, but what about your teeth? How much attention do you pay to the appearance of your smile?

In the business world, and indeed in your social life, the appearance of your smile—according to surveys—is very important. How important is very important? One survey said that more than 70% of women considered a man’s smile to be an important physical attribute. Another survey mentioned that a healthy-looking smile could potentially be just as—if not more—important as an expensive suit.

With modern dentistry it is not difficult to replace a missing tooth, and there are a number of benefits for your oral health and the appearance of your smile. When you lose a tooth, you start to lose jawbone density. This can, over time, give your face a sunken appearance. A missing tooth can also cause teeth on either side of the gap to become crooked which can create a misaligned bite.

Undergoing the relatively straightforward implant dentistry treatment can save you a host of oral health issues and because the implant crown is coloured match to your teeth, no one will notice the restoration.

To find out more about implant dentistry, or to book an appointment with Dr Eric Sham at Bulimba Dental, please contact us.

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