Straight teeth – the young professional’s best chance!

Find out how to boost your professional profile with adult friendly braces and orthodontic treatments available at Bulimba Dental in Brisbane.

Getting orthodontic treatment doesn’t just have to be for kids – Bulimba Dental in Brisbane offers a range of different orthodontic treatments to help our patients achieve the straight and aesthetically pleasing smile they desire.

You are never too old for the perfect smile! Less intrusive treatment methods offer alternatives for traditional orthodontic treatments with braces that blend better with your natural teeth such as clear braces; braces running along the inside of the teeth such as lingual braces; and clear aligner styles that are developed as a virtually invisible alternative such as Invisalign – all of which are available for you at Bulimba Dental.

How your smile affects your professional profile

Generally the best time to undergo orthodontic care is around the ages of 7-13. This is because the adult teeth have only recently developed, so the movement would be faster and less likely to affect the patient’s social status. However as generations progress, growing into our 20’s and 30’s means more personal disposable income which may not have been available for us at that time and along with the idea that straight teeth can help you succeed in the professional realm has led to a growth in adult orthodontics.

So can straightening my teeth really help me succeed?

A recent AACD Smile survey that was carried out by Kelton revealed that a great smile can be our greatest asset not only for your career but also for your personal life. The study that tested over 1,000 Americans aged 18 and over found the following conclusions:

  • 48% of the participants thought a smile was the most memorable feature when first meeting someone

Feeling a little nervous about that interview? Put a smile on your dial and you may find your chances could significantly improve. The survey showed that smiling first is even more important than your first words (25%).

  • 45% of participants agree a smile is the most timeless attractive feature on a person

In a separate study published in the American Sociological Review, analysis of the study showed that employers are more likely to hire someone who they find attractive and are likeminded than an unattractive or overqualified person. This just shows that taking care of your oral health is a great place to start.

  • 57% of participants are more likely to go on a date with someone when their online dating profile shows a person with straight teeth compared to crooked

Finding the perfect match for you is even known to benefit from a healthy straight smile in comparison to crooked teeth. If you’re struggling to find love, maybe a smile update could be just what you need.

So how can we help?

Here at Bulimba Dental in Brisbane, we provide a range of different orthodontic treatments to help you achieve a healthy bite and aligned smile.

Clear Braces

Benefits of clear braces:

  • They are made of ceramic or crystalline materials to blend in better than metal braces
  • The wires are also clear, unlike other tooth-coloured orthodontic alternatives
  • The treatment works faster than Invisalign

Although they are still relatively more noticeable compared to lingual braces and Invisalign, the treatment can be considered as more effective for bite correction and similarly faster acting as they cannot be altered by the patient.

Lingual Braces

Benefits of lingual braces:

  • They run along the inside of the mouth, hiding behind the teeth as they correct alignment problems
  • They are virtually as effective as traditional braces
  • They can help you smile with confidence

Because the treatment works from the inside of the mouth rather than outside, lingual braces are hardly noticeable. This can also contribute to adjustment however as they run on the inside of the mouth they are slightly more difficult to access, but with Bulimba Dental’s visiting Orthodontics, Dr Daxter Yeo rest assured that you are in good hands.


Benefits of Invisalign:

  • Virtually invisible
  • Treatment can be carried out without the notice of friends and family
  • Removable – giving you the ability to eat a more diverse diet
  • Gradually adjust with a series of aligners

As the most popular treatment for adults, Invisalign offers a hardly noticeable alternative to braces. It uses a series of aligners to align your teeth rather than metal brackets and wires. The treatment is subjective to the patients’ needs however, all this and more will be discussed during your consultation with Bulimba Dental.

To find out more about your orthodontic options and how straightening out your smile could assist you on your road to success, book a consultation with Bulimba Dental in Brisbane today.

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